Massage for low back pain

Does massage really help alleviate low back pain?

Man with Low Back PainIn my experience, yes, massage can be a very effective way of managing and relieving back pain. Massage, along with other forms of self care, will help get you there faster.

I’m a firm believer in that the more you can do for yourself, the better off you are. So incorporating yoga, tai chi, or other forms of movement and stretching in your daily routine will definitely help keep you on track.

Sometimes though, it just works better to have someone do the work for you! I like to incorporate range of motion moves in with my massages, especially when someone is dealing with decreased movement and pain. It is always done to the clients level of comfort.

Many people with back pain are surprised at how much better they feel after a massage session, and how much easier it is for them to move. My clients that see me on a regular basis are aware of how much massage helps them to maintain their flexibility.

Here is an excerpt from an article that I found at with some healthy tips for the new year:

Many people seem to live constantly with a nagging back pain. The answer is not pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs; it is massage.

Researchers confirm something many of us have known for years – that structural or relaxation massage is as effective as any non-drug therapies; even better than acupuncture, exercise and yoga.

In a study of 400 people with chronic lower back pain, researchers from the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle found that both types of massage were significantly effective compared with the usual care.

The participants had a weekly massage for a 10-week period. By the end, one third said the pain had gone completely, or had significantly improved. As a result they were able to function better and lead more active lives (Ann. Intern. Med., 2011).

Read the full article here.

It’s always refreshing to me to see news articles about the benefits of massage. To me, it should be incorporated into everyone’s routine that is looking to maintain and/or improve their health and flexibility.

But then, I’m a little biased in that regard.  😉

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