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Looking for a great massage?  Then take a few minutes to read through the various massages and services that I offer.  The rates are listed for each service. Please call if you have any questions, and to book your appointment!

Massage rates at Lacey Massage Therapy include aromatherapy in every massage – never an extra charge! Read about any current massage specials here.

All of the massages use pure essential oils in either organic lotion or jojoba oil. If you are allergic to certain oils, be sure to let me know so that I can use unscented products on you.

Please read my Massage Office Policies page prior to your appointment. Thank you!

My signature aromatherapy massage.

Stones, rocks, oil, spa products, flowers

Aromatherapy Massage

Your massage starts with warm, moist towels for your head and neck, scented with pure essential oils to start your relaxation process! Feel your tension and stress melt away, as your muscles are coaxed into relaxing.

30 minute stress relief massage: $50
No time for a full hour massage? Come in for a shorter session focused on relaxing your head, neck, shoulders, and back.

45 minute “get rid of the knots” massage $65
Need a little extra work on those tight shoulders and upper back, but don’t want a full body massage? Then this might be the perfect solution for you! Same as the 30 minute massage, with extra time on those tight muscles.

60 minute relaxation/wellness massage: $80
This is the perfect time frame for totally unwinding and relaxing, and feeling rejuvenated.

90 minute ultimate wellness massage: $115
The best of all worlds! Plenty of time to really address some of those chronic areas of pain or tension, work out recent muscle soreness, and still feel like you’ve been to a luxurious spa.

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Heated Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

woman receiving hot heated stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

All of the benefits of “regular” Hot Stone Massage, plus more!

Hot stone massage feels wonderful all year round. While most people think of it only during colder weather, it feels great even during the hottest days of the summer.

Heated stone massage is very helpful for people dealing with arthritis, muscular aches and pains, and Fibromyalgia. Deep penetrating heat melts away knots, tension, and stress – leaving you feeling relaxed, renewed, and rejuvenated!

Heated Himalayan Salt produces those “feel good” negative ions, like what you find at the ocean or by a waterfall.

Himalayan Salt Stones

The salts have 84 minerals and salts in them, that can help to restore depleted minerals to your skin, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

I love how my hands feel after giving a Himalayan heated stone massage, imagine how good your body will feel!

60 minute heated Himalayan salt stone massage: $ 95
90 minute heated Himalayan salt stone massage: $130

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Couples Massage Class

Couples Massage Class, learn how to massage your partner

Couples Massage Class

Learn how to give a relaxing full body massage to your partner. Approximately one hour each person, one-on-one private instruction for couples. Don’t have a partner?  Bring a friend! Read more about the massage class for couples.

You get to add the essential oils of your choice to the massage lotion, which you get to take home.

Couples Massage Class: $250 per couple  


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Massage Packages

woman receiving relaxing back massage

Relaxing Back Massage


Save when you buy a package of  4 massages.

4 – 60 minute massages: $305

4 – 60 minutes heated stone massages: $365 

4 – 90 minute massages: $445 

4 – 90 minute heated stone massages: $505 

All packages must be used within one year of purchase date.

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Reiki Sessions

lotus flower on pond

Lotus Flower

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a gentle yet powerful Japanese technique of energy healing that helps to relax and balance the body/mind/spirit.

The word Reiki itself means universal life force energy, which is found in all things.

Reiki is a wonderful technique to use for relieving anxiety, stress reduction, relaxation, and meditation.

Reiki Session $80

For more information on Reiki and Reiki classes, please click here.

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