Massage Class for Couples

Learn how to massage your partner!

Learn how to massage your partner.

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Have you always wanted to learn how to massage your partner?  Or wished that they knew how to give you a good massage?

Maybe you searched and found some classes online, but didn’t want to be in a room with a lot of other couples.

I have a couple of options for you! The first is to take my massage class for couples, which is private one on one instruction with you and your partner. If you don’t have a partner, bring a good friend!

The second option is to purchase a couples massage instruction video. I have one that I highly recommend, by GTS Therapeutics. Even if you take the couples massage class, you might want to buy it for a great reference tool.

What you will learn in my massage class for couples:

  • How to give a relaxing, nurturing full body massage.
  • Massage strokes for the different areas of the body.
  • How to stretch your partner and use range of motion for increased flexibility.
  • Tips for body alignment when giving massage so that you are comfortable also.
  • Techniques for getting rid of headaches.
  • What types of lotions and/or oils to use.
  • Where to purchase massage supplies.
  • How to prepare an area in your home for massage if you don’t have a massage table.
  • How to use bolsters or pillows for more comfortable positioning.

I like to create a fun, relaxing learning environment. So come prepared to relax, unwind, learn how to give a great massage, and have fun at the same time. Since this is a one on one learning environment, there will be plenty of time for you to ask any questions that you have.

During the class, you will be using my massage table. Since most people don’t have a table of their own, I will explain different ways to set up a comfortable space for massage.

You will go home feeling confident in your ability to massage your partner (or friend, or family member).

The cost of the massage class for couples is $250. Call me (Becky) at (360) 701-4183 to set up a time for your class.

Gift certificates are also available at my office or online:

What if I want to buy a massage table to have at home?

Some people like to have a table at home, as it is quick and easy to set up. Aside from receiving massages on it, it’s a great place to do some stretches. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a table, there are plenty of relatively inexpensive ones starting around $65 that will hold up quite well for home use.

[amazon_link asins=’B00K0OW60I,B002YB0AHQ,B00A8AMR8A,B00GO7IY0Q,B000KJJX0Y,B00IXWE1HK’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’livingheal0a6-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’04df41ab-d27b-11e7-a5fa-159c2164914d’]

Couples Massage Instruction Video

This video is the best I have seen for learning how to give massage in the comfort of your home. They show you how to set up a comfortable area on the floor to do massage. They cover everything that you need to know in order to give a nice massage. It would be a good reference tool after taking my couples massage class.


For an instant download of the Couples Massage Instruction Video ($19.95), click this button: Buy Now!


For the Couples Massage Instruction Video Instant Download -PLUS DVD Shipped to You ($35.95) click this button: Buy Now!




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