Becky Lundin, LMT

You search the web, looking to find a massage therapist. Hoping that you’ll discover someone whose style fits your needs.

Maybe you need someone to help you reduce your stress levels, and just relax. Maybe you are looking for someone to work with on a regular basis, as part of your wellness routine.

You might have an injury, or minor aches and pains, and are seeking relief. Who do you choose?

Becky Lundin, LMT of Lacey Massage Therapy

Becky Lundin

Becky Lundin

Since it’s sometimes difficult to get a feeling for someone without meeting them in person, I’m including this page about my massage background and philosophy.

This page really isn’t so much about me, but about how where I’ve been can help you. My philosophy is for my clients to experience the deep relaxation, peace and calm that is conducive to self healing. The techniques that I use are a blend of various massage and bodywork modalities, including energy healing and aromatherapy, combined to make your massage a nurturing, relaxing experience, that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Check out my Testimonials page to see what some of my clients have written about me.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Washington State since 1994, and a Reiki Master since 1998. I first started doing massage therapy in Yelm, WA after graduating from Seattle Massage School (which became Ashmead College, and is now Everest) in 1994. I was doing business as “Becky Lundin, LMT” and then as “Yelm Therapeutic Massage”, and now “Lacey Massage Therapy“.

At that time, I did a lot of injury treatment massage, which mostly were referrals from the local chiropractors. I learned a lot of different massage techniques for treating whiplash, and low back injuries. When I first graduated from massage school, I thought that would be the direction that I wanted to go, treating people with injuries. And while I did enjoy that (after all, it is gratifying to be able to help people get out of pain) I knew that wasn’t really the direction that I felt I was being led.

In addition to taking continuing education classes in different treatment modalities, I also began to explore the more gentle, yet still highly effective techniques that work well with relaxation and wellness massage.

While taking an introduction to Trager workshop, I found out more about Reiki, which intrigued me. The instructor, Jack Blackburn, was a Reiki Master. I started my Reiki training with him in 1997, and became a Reiki Master in 1998. I also took the beginning Trager training in Jan 1997, and still use some of those techniques in my sessions.

I originally took the Reiki classes for my own growth and self-healing, along with being able to offer it as a service to my clients. I never had any intention of becoming a Reiki Master, but as time went on, I was continually led in that direction.

As the focus of my massage business changed, I moved my home and business to Olympia, WA. I focused more on wellness, and relaxation massage. I also started doing a lot of on-site chair massage in various offices around the Lacey and Olympia area. Then in Feb, 2000 I moved to my permanent location here in Lacey, WA.

I also enjoy learning about all aspects of health and wellness, and sharing the information that I find with friends and clients. My goal is to write extensively on health matters.

I hope that the information on this page has helped to give you a better idea of how I approach my massage business.

Massage techniques and other modalities that I’ve studied.

The following (in no special order of significance) is a list of some of the massage and related studies that I have taken either workshops or full trainings in.

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